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  JINGXIN PRECISION METAL Ltd., established in June OO seven years, is a professional production of precision metal rivets and shaft of the private sector. Its predecessor was Dongguan Shijie logo Precision Metal Products Co., Ltd.

  The company production equipment are produced in Taiwan automatic lathes, imports of precision Grinder, grinder and a variety of secondary processing equipment; at the same time, the company also hired a technical engineers produce precision metal rivets and shaft of more than a decade specializing in ; in terms of detection equipment, in addition to the commonly used with Mitutoyo height gauges, calipers, micrometer, slice foot, finish standard control panels, Taiwan also has a projector, so that our products, from technology to production and then to test, can guarantee the maximum size precision, Man enough customer demand to achieve the purpose.

  The company terminal customers are Fortune 500 companies today Kyocera, Minolta, Canon, Ricoh office equipment manufacturing enterprises, our products can meet customer requirements of RoHS directive: while our suppliers are also plated through Kyocera, Minolta, Canon, Ricoh and other companies audited and certified to meet customer requirements of the RoHS directive of qualified suppliers.

Our business philosophy:Integrity, innovation, value;

Our quality policy:Fully meet customer demand improve the quality management system!

We will sincerely look forward to working with you! And seek common development of the road! !